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Friday 15 January 2021

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Richland Price Rise
Covid-19 Resources


Richland are increasing their prices from Monday 18th January. TSG will be updating Richland prices in our system on Sunday 17th January and be ready for you to upload to your system by 4pm.

Do Not perform an update stock and prices in your system before 4pm Sunday as they wil not be correct.

If you’re unsure of how to update your prices please refer to instructions on our website.




The results are in for the end of year PML TMC & RYO share incentive winners.

Well done to the 24 outlets below that share in $81,000 of TSG Online Shop Vouchers.

Thank you to everyone for making this program a success.

To the winners, we will issue your vouchers.



Q1 NOW promotions:

  • All stores will be regraded.  (opt-in stores compliant to the hybrid terms will continue to have their quality grade based on their digital performance).
  • Grading period will be between 1.2.21-28.2.21 (4 weeks)
  • Focus Brands
    • QLD/SA/NT – choice Signature brand family
    • NSW/VIC/TAS/WA – Bond Street brand family
  • A grade – grow focus brand by 0.5% SOM or greater in Q1 2021 versus Q4 2020.
    • *Condition of don’t decline PML share or achieve tier 1 share benchmark still stands for A grade.
  • B grade – grow focus brand by between 0% up to 0.5% SOM in Q1 2021 versus Q4 2020.
  • PML to provide store level bases.

Q1 NOW promotions:

  • Reviews to customer count and minimum volumes will be completed and implemented for all outlets.

Digital Tasking:

  • Digital tasks and timings are TBC and are in the process of being finalised this will be shared with you when available.

RYO Share Tiers:

  • RYO share tiers will continue to be the same as Q4:
    • Tier 1 >15%,
    • Tier 2 <15% and >10%
    • Tier 3 <10% and >5%
    • Tier 4 <5%
  • Please note the premium tier for RYO will continue for stores participating on the hybrid term and this will continue to be 25% and higher for Q1 2021. RYO share tiers for opt in stores will therefore look as follows:
    • Premium Tier >25%,
    • Tier 1 <25% and >15%
    • Tier 2 <15% and >10%
    • Tier 3 <10% and >5%
    • Tier 4 <5%


Updated promotions commencing next week.

The key changes:

  • Effective week commencing 18/01/21 for 1-week only:
    • increased rebates on Parker & Simpson 25’s (varied rebates for NSW/VIC)/RYO 25g, JPS 25’s/30’s/Superkings 20’s, Horizon 93mm Long 20’s and Peter Stuyvesant 20’s/30’s in VIC only,
    • decrease on Parker & Simpson 30’s

Also under promotions are state specific one pagers detailing Parker & Simpson Fresh Blast 20s Refocus.

  1. National excluding ACT/WA  purchase 12 cartons of Parker & Simpson Fresh Blast 20s and receive a Sunbeam 20 cup Rice Cooker,
  2. ACT/WA only purchase 3 cartons of Parker & Simpson Fresh Blast 20s and receive a $5 per carton discount.


Also promotion changes from the 18th.  These are highlighted in orange and are either different case deals or extensions to existing promotions.



Richland have released a new price list commencing Monday 18th January.  All product has increased EXCEPT your exclusive TSG brand, Bayside.

The new price list can be found under price lists and you will also find new promotions from next week under promotions. 

Price board layout and price per stick spreadsheet

Updated versions can be found under promotions.


Price lists



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