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Friday 14 February 2020

Promos summary update
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Introducing The TSG Insider weekly bulletin! 
Each week on Friday afternoon, we’ll be sending this roundup of key information and reducing the Promos emails to try to ease the load on your inbox!

The weekly bulletin will highlight key information about prromos but you can access up to the minute promos information including Price Boards at anytime during the week via the Promos page on our website.
We are phasing out the Promos alerts into your inbox, so bookmark the Promos Page for your source of up to date Promos information, and be sure to read the weekly bulletin email for your Summary Update.

For up to date price lists visit the price lists page on our website.

All documents relating to the summary below can be found on the Promos Page on our website.

PML – No changes to promotions currently in place

Richland Promotions – Period 17/02/20 –01/03/20

BATA Promotions – Pall Mall 20/Holiday 20 promotions have been replaced with Rothmans 40s

Imperial Promotions – Period 17/02/20 –01/03/20.

  • Decreased rebates on Parker & Simpson 30s & JPS RYO 25g
  • Increased rebates on Parker & Simpson RYO 25g & Riverstone 25g
Keep an eye on the
TSG website, under promotions, for the updated price per stick and price board layout information throughout the week.

If you need to reset your password to gain access to this page you can do so at the login page. If you have further difficulty you can call the TSG IT team on  03 8873 7900.

We are pleased to confirm we have signed trading terms with BAT which will commence

1 April 2020. Further details will be provided in due course.

To get all the latest IT Tips and POS work instructions please check out the

IT Knowledge Base on our website.  It includes documents, POS videos & much more and will be updated from time to time.

Preferred Partners are proud to announce the introduction of an array of new quality products now exclusive to TSG, AVAILABLE NOW on the TSG Online Shop. Exclusive products available now include: Vaping Devices and Pods and Smoke Odour Eliminators.

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