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Friday 26 March 2021

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Victorian Covid Update
Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners
Covid-19 Resources


From 6pm on Friday 26 March, masks will no longer be required in retail settings but Victorians will still need to carry one with them at all times and wear it on public transport, in rideshare vehicles and taxis and in sensitive settings such as aged care facilities and hospitals.

More information can be found here.


(Integrated EFTPOS Machines Only):

Some common error messages that you may come across on Integrated EFTPOS machine may include ‘Pin Pad Offline’ or ‘Logon Failed’.

Please follow the below steps for a quick resolution:
1. On the EFTPOS machine, Press and hold ‘Clear’ and ‘Function(FN)’ key together for a few seconds for it to restart and then try to put through a test transaction to see if it works.
2. Try switching the EFTPOS USB cable to a different USB port on the POS computer.
3. If the above still didn’t work, try restarting the computer, this will launch all the EFTPOS services again and re-establish a connection with the EFTPOS machine.

The above steps will result in a resolution most of the time. If the issue still persists, please contact the IT Support for assistance.


Are you receiving our survey SMS? We are only receiving a 18% response rate at present. If you’re ordering online, and not receiving the SMS survey please contact us – [email protected] . We encourage you to complete our 1 question survey to help us improve our service to you. Just 5 seconds of your time is needed!


The BIC promotion to sell as many BIC pocket lighters as possible through TSG Stores has begun.

As promised, to Light Up the competition, we are sharing the top stores here each week.

Please see the fourth weeks top sellers below.



Under Promotions you will find…..


*PML, Imperial, ^BAT, Stuart Alexander, Richland & Tabsol April promotions.

*PML – There will be mid-week changes and increases in capping for the deferred purchases payment.  Please read carefully as it is quite a busy page.

^BAT – The promotion sheet for the next 5 week period also has a lot of detail.  We’ve done 2 versions – Week commencing 29th March ONLY is just next week only.  Week commencing 29th March Full Version has the total 5 week period.

Updated price per stick and price board layout by states.



Promotions for next week continue to have particular brands where there are different case deals for A, B & C grade outlets as well as Hybrid deals (outlets who have opted-in to the 50% PML price board offer).  Please check, and adjust where necessary, the case deal on your state price per stick spreadsheet to determine your final sell price.  This, in some cases, will also require positional changes on your price boards as per what is on the website.

With daylight savings about to end from Sunday 4th April, besides the cows not milking, PML have planned to send retailers from April 1st a reminder as to when you need to place their orders by.

This exercise is to:

  • remind retailers, in particular our WA, QLD and NSW* outlets who are impacted during this time (*NSW outlets who receive stock from Townsville)
  • use this message as an opportunity to remind retailers when they need to place their orders by as retailer feedback indicates they know their order day, but not when their order is due by.

Then from the 5th April there will also be a portal alert to capture staff who might not receive/be advised about the details.

The end is coming!  Don’t forget to forward any PML outside purchase invoices to [email protected]


Promotion key points:

  • Selected brands from week commencing 12/04/21 will have a decrease in promotional rebates,
  • Promotional rebate payment process updated to have both an off invoice component as well as a combination of both off invoice and deferred (deferred based on scan).  As previously communicated for the deferred component, the amount payable will be calculated on the lower of compliant scan or direct purchases during the promotional period only.
  • Activation of the “3-For” scan card offer on Parker & Simpson RYO 15g (nationally excluding QLD & NT).  The promotion, per pouch, is $2.31 but if a consumer purchases 3 pouches scan the card so the consumers total discount = 3 x $2.31 ($6.93) + $2.55 (scan card) = $9.48 in total (or $3.16 per pouch).  Scan cards already mailed directly to Members.  Speak to Imperial rep if not received.   Instructions: Retailer is to scan 3 pouches of Parker & Simpson RYO 15g and the “3-For” barcode in the one transaction to reflect the additional discount for the “3-For” OfferThis promotion will feature last on the price board.  (Check under “promotions” for the overall price board layout)  Simply use a Parker & Simpson descriptor and 45 grams (3 x 15 gram) and insert what your sell price will be for this promotion.




2 new product releases.  Holiday 20’s Menthol ALL states.  Holiday 40’s all states EXCEPT QLD at this stage.  Due to BATA re-launching myBAT on Monday 29th March 2021 the one carton allocations will not commence until 12th April.  The product will be available to order before then if you wish.

The deletedproduct in exchange for these new products are:-

NSW/VIC – Rothmans Superkings 20’s Blue & Green

SA/NT – Rothmans Superkings 20’s Blue & Winfield Optimum 20’s Gold

WA – Rothmans Superkings 20’s Green & Winfield Optimum 20’s Gold

TAS – Winfield Optimum 20’s Gold & Sky Blue


Richland will be launching Reef 20 gram Original Blue today.

The launch will be supported with an invoice promotion of $2.70 per pouch making it the most competitive 20g offer – based on current market pricing.

There will be a 5 pouch allocation to stores with Richland terms except QLD/NT.

Stuart Alexander

There are currently supply issues with Old Holborn and wholesalers have limited stock holdings.

The 25 gram should be available in April and the 50 gram in June.


Under products you will find details on the release of Ventti Earth Papers – Organic Biodegradable Papers.


Price lists



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COVID-19 Precautions

There are resources for you if you, your family or your staff need support.
Lifeline (13 11 14) and
Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636 or online chat).

Share any best practice steps you are taking with us [email protected]
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